Jonathan Passmore

Pre Conference Workshop: Emotions at work 

In this session Professor Passmore will explore the role of emotions at work and how we can better understand emotions in ourselves and others to improve our performance through improved behavioural control and higher levels of empathy. The session will explore ways managers can be more aware of the emotions in others and use this information to help them influence and persuade others, whether in sales or management roles, and how others in coaching and HR roles can better understand others to develop and deep relationships and through this facilitate learning and change.

Professor Jonathan Passmore is an internationally respected psychologist, speaker and author. He has spoken at events across the world from USA to Asia, and has authored 30 books and over 100 scientific papers. His most recent book series is a 2 million word 8 volume edition focusing on Psychology at work. He is also the author of number books on Coaching, leadership and Change including Appreciative Inquiry for Change Management, Mindfulness at Work, Excellence in Coaching and Top Business Psychology Models.

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