Charles Jennings

Charles Jennings

Pre conference workshop: Workplace Coaching By Managers

In this session Charles Jennings will explore the importance of coaching and feedback from managers with their teams for high performance. Many managers see their roles primarily focused on operational excellence. However, without an equal focus on supporting the development of their workforce through coaching and feedback, they will never help develop the attributes of a ‘learning organisation’. This interactive session will provide evidence-based research and some simple tools to help participants understand what managers need to do, and how to help them achieve success as developers of people as well as deliverers of operational excellence.Charles has more than 40 years’ experience in the fields of strategic performance improvement and capability building. He spent many years researching innovative approaches as a researcher and business school professor. He has also held senior roles in the business world, principally as a chief learning officer, head of strategy, and as a member of leadership and HR management teams in global companies.

Charles was the Chief Learning Officer for Reuters and Thomson Reuters for seven years where he had responsibility for developing company-wide strategy and leading a 350-strong team of learning professionals for the firm’s 55,000 workforce. He led the Reuters learning organisation through a transformation from a group of semi-autonomous traditional training departments to an integrated business-aligned learning and workforce development function using the 70:20:10 model. The result was increased impact, value and effectiveness, as well as >50% reduction in cost.

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